Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 Little Puppies

As most of you already know our dogs had 4 cute little puppies, 1 monster boy and 3 adorable girls.
Dixie is such a good mommy and has taken complete care of all her puppies. She loves them so much! And of course Dink doesn't want anything to do with them. He'll play with them for awhile but then just growl at them when they all pile up on him.
So this is Hippity Hop (she doesn't walk, she hops wherever she goes) when she was only a day old. Soooooo tiny!!!!

Here's a few more recent pictures. She's my snuggle bug and just wants to be with me everywhere I go. If I am doing dishes she's there sleeping on my feet, if I am getting ready for the day there she is sleeping on the bathroom floor right next to me. I love this little girl!
Playing with Dink dad.


This is Betty. Michael named her after Betty White because she's all white.
She's just like her mommy, a little shy and timid. But once she gets to know you she'll just give you kiss's for days!
This is when her eyes opened.

This is Pepper. She is the runt of the litter, short squatie legs and a little tiny head and body. Even though she's the runt she's strong. She can hold down her monster brother. And we're so lucky because Pepper is staying in the family! She'll be living with Michael's parents and I know she will be WELL taken care of.

I couldn't get a picture with her mouth open but she was howling when I put her in her cage.

And lastly we have the big brother Chomper (he will chew anything, include your chin if you're trying to hold him). He is seriously so much bigger than his sisters. He is almost 1/2 the size of Dixie. And his head is huge! But he does have the cutest teddy bear face. It's so hard to take pictures of him because of how active he is.

Well that's all our cute little puppies. It's been fun watching them grow and being able to play with them everyday. I will miss them tons when they find their new homes :(

I know it's sad that I am posting about puppies instead of something about my life, but these puppies were my life for the last 2 months :) Hopefully something exciting will happen soon so I can post about it!

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What A bunch a cuties !!